Every Child Matters

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Mike Brockway and Amanda Fatigate


Volunteering is an important part of our mission.  Everyone involved in our program is a volunteer, from our Sponsors to our Core Support Team!


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From Amanda: I had a vision for many years to start this program and no one else saw my vision until I met Mike Brockway who is the co-founder and the brains behind this operation.  He is the one that saw my vision and my light. I had an idea to start to change the life of kids right here in our back yard. I'm a soccer player and a coach. I know many kids that needed a positive influence and a good role model.  So I got them sponsors, and now these kids are thriving; doing great in school and in sports. I want to thank Mike for seeing my dream and making it his dream.

From Mike: For many years, my wife and I have given financial support to various organizations that provide children in other countries with supplies, basic necessities, food, and spiritual growth.  But I have always thought that I could do more.  That there must be a need right here in this country.  And there must be some way that I could get personally involved with children in need.  But I didn't know where to get started, or how to connect.  Then I met Amanda, and one day she shared with me her vision for helping kids right here in our own backyard.  Kids that really needed our help. I knew right then and there that this was a calling from God, and that this is what I was searching for.  So Amanda and I put our heads together, prayed and planned a lot, and with God's help, started this organization to truly make a difference in the lives of kids in our community.  I thank God for sending Amanda my way, for having our paths cross, and for sending us on this amazing journey.


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