Expectations for a Sponsor

  • Help the child with basic needs such as clothes, shoes and socks
  • Spend at least 1 to 2 hours a week with this child
  • Help the child improve their outlook on life
  • Help the child realize that they are special, and that they can make a difference
  • Build a relationship with the child
  • Pray for the child, and if possible, take them to church
  • Encourage and build up the child
  • Helping them to respect themselves and respect others
  • Show them the love of Jesus
  • If your child is part of our Sports Program
  • Paying for the child’s sports registration
  • Purchase their sports equipment
  • Provide transportation to and from practices and games
  • Attend their games when possible
  • Encourage them, even if they do not excel in the sport
  • Teach them good sportsmanship and manners when needed 

              Our Requirements to be a Sponsor

        Steps to Sponsorship

In order to sponsor one of these amazing kids, you'll be asked to the following:

  • Agree to a Background Check
  • Prayer
  • Supply references
  • Go through Child and Youth training that is given at our church
  • Pass the Background Check as well as the Child and Youth training
  • Fill out all of our paper work
  • At this point you, will be matched with a child
    • You will be matched with a child that best fits your interests
  • Then we will have a Parent Sponsor meeting

Every Child Matters

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