Every Child Matters

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​​Executive Summary

There are so many underprivileged children right here in our own backyard that need help, either spiritually, emotionally, or financially.  Children need good role models and people to look up to.  They need to feel like they belong, and that they have something to offer.  They need a positive, structured environment, and good social skills.   

Every Child Matters was formed to specifically meet these needs.  The primary purpose for the Every Child Matters organization is: To help children who truly need help; to make a difference in their lives; and to help children get on the right path.  This organization helps connect people that want to help, with underprivileged children that desperately need the help.  Personal involvement in the organization is made along many different areas.  The first area is through general donations.  These donations are used to purchase socks, clothing, food, and even eye care for these children who so desperately need it.  Donations are also used to help with school supplies, field trips, and other school related events.  Donations can be made directly to Every Child Matters by making your check payable to Every Child Matters of America.  Mail your check to First Church of Coral Springs, 8650 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL 33065.  You can also donate thru “text to give” from your cell phone by texting your donation and the word ECM to 954-204-3883.  We are a 501-C3 organization, and all of your donations are fully tax deductible.  

A second area of involvement is through a direct sponsorship.  With this type of involvement, a sponsor is paired directly with a specific child.  The sponsor will be responsible for spending time with the child, mentoring them, helping them with some of their basic needs, helping to improve their outlook on life, and helping the child realize that they are special, and that they can make a difference.  To help them learn to respect themselves and respect others.  

An even higher level of sponsorship is sponsoring a child in sports.  This level includes all of the facets listed above, but also includes active participation in a sport (soccer, basketball, baseball, football, etc.).  The involvement with sports brings many additional benefits to the child, such as learning how to function on a team, staying fit and healthy, promoting determination and a positive self-image, and helps children learn what it means to set and attain goals.  Participation in sports will give children a positive role model through their coaches, and will give them friendships with their teammates that can last a lifetime.

Last year one child's life was transformed 180 degrees. His grades and behavior improved dramatically, and he learned teamwork and many life lessons from his sponsor and coaches. This year we have eleven children who will be sponsored. Eleven lives will be changed for the better.  The sponsor’s life will be changed as well.  The sponsor shows God's love to these children, some of whom may never have had a kind word spoken to them from an adult. It is amazing to see how much a child can learn to believe in themselves if only someone else believes in them first.

Please help us in our mission to really make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, right here in our community.  Your life will never be the same!.